Recipe 41: Gingerbread Cookies

After a week of pawning off last Sunday’s caramels, I was ready for something a little less sweet. The weather is chilling down nicely, so “spiced” everything is sounding good. Gingerbread always reminds me of my grandma Patty’s around Christmastime. Listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” while eating dinner as grandpa’s electric ice cream maker churned the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had (to this day).

This is a “rainy day” kind of cookie. Sure to warm you up when paired with a nice hot cider or coffee. A spiced treat to share.

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Recipe 39: Homemade Oreos

The research for this recipe was really fun. The recipe itself is from Smitten Kitchen (thank you!), with extra tips & hilarity from Flour Child (thank you!).

The history of the Oreo is pretty cool as well. It all began in 1912, and originally the Oreo was a mound-shaped cookie and “available in two flavors; lemon meringue and cream”. The cream variety won out, and over the years the Oreo changed in shape and consistency, ballooning to countless varieties such as “double-stuff”, “strawberry milkshake”, and “blueberry ice cream”, to name a few. Products which contained or were inspired by Oreo cookies range anywhere from ice cream flavors to pie crusts. For more information on the history, as well as speculation as to the origin of the name, check out the Wikipedia article.

NOW, here’s the goods. This is easy enough, essentially make an even number of cookies, then sandwich the filling by wiggling the two halves together.

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