**Merry Christmas!/Happy Holidays!**

Hi all, I’ll be posting our recipe once I’m back in town from traveling for the holdays. (Think later on this week…)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and spend your holidays with those you love.

And of course: Eat, drink, and be merry!




Update: Recipe 40 is on its way~

Hi all, sorry for the delay. The first batch of caramel that I made last night was heated a few degrees too hot and turned into a brick. So I switched recipes and tried again with great success. I need to incorporate more into the post and edit photos. Should be finished tonight, so expect it!





Hi all, I’m in the process of getting a new lens for my beloved Canon, this one is big business! We recently got back from Puerto Vallarta and I spent a decent amount of time eating really good homemade food.

Coming up: a basic, yet VERY tasty salsa recipe. It’s inexpensive, and very much in season. I’ll go over all the components and give tips from my grandpa on how to make it the best ever.
Also, I’ll be canning some since we’re moving out of our little apartment soon and I want to take some with me.


In the mean time, there’s been a lot of this:

Handmade popsicles at Viva Pops in San Diego, CA!

Coming soon!! Sushi videos and upcoming recipe posts…

Hi all, since I know I’m not the only “visual learner”,  I am working on videos for how to roll sushi, both hand rolls (cone-shaped sushi), and regular “roll & slice” varieties. I’ll have them up as Youtube videos on my “Techniques” page within the next few days!

Also, I made Char Siu Bao (steamed BBQ pork buns) over the weekend and still have to write that up, as well as an article on a bunch of different types of wraps you can make for lunches throughout the week that are healthy & really tasty.


Coming soon!!!

So after a week of midterms, I’m going to be preparing a bunch of tasty appetizers for a dinner party we’re having tomorrow evening. (Fri night).

The theme for the food is (mostly) meatless, and 100% gluten-free.

I’ll post pics, recipes, and how-to’s tomorrow. Including the recipe for our fabulous vegetarian chili!


Until then,


One thing to do is make a recipe that will use up a dozen apples...Mmm....