Greenhorn Gourmet
A thoughtful approach to cooking and eating…

The purpose of Greenhorn Gourmet is to inspire people to cook and learn how to make something tasty.

Greenhorn is a term given to someone who is “new or inexperienced”, which I most definitely am when it comes to the culinary world. I created this blog years ago to document my adventures in the kitchen as I challenge myself and learn new techniques.

My hope is that you’ll see a recipe here and you’ll feel moved or inspired to make something.

We live in a world where fast food is so plentiful and lives so busy it’s rare to find time to make a good home-cooked meal. I want to bring back the mindfulness that goes into a dish you put heart into. I want to romance people with the process of creating something lovely that has the added benefit of being edible at the end. 😉

Thank you for visiting.

About the Author:

Holli Mayer lives in San Diego and works in the Biotech Industry.