**Happy Anniversary!!**Recipe 46: Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake

Today marks 1 whole year from my very first post here at Greenhorn Gourmet. I’m so happy! This year has really flown by. This website started as a post-final exams stress reliever, and it took forever to figure out the details. By the time it was launched, I had probably about a million ideas for recipes. Whittling them down and working through different cameras and kitchens, we’re better than ever.

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Recipe 45: New England Clam Chowder w/ Homemade Garlic Croutons

This recipe was entirely fueled by how cold it is here in the bay. As a San Diego girl, I’m still getting used to this chill. I love clam chowder, especially the New England version, but I have a hard time finding a good one that doesn’t come served in a bread bowl, that is, until now.

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Recipe 44: Pepperoni Calzones

A different take on pizza. Same ingredients, but this time wrapped in an aromatic and chewy envelope. Calzones are a pretty close precursor to the infamous Hot Pocket, but lack the power to make you want to save them for a hangover craving.

A basic pizza dough recipe follows, which can also be used to make focaccia if you feel like something different. :)

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