Recipe 43: Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet potato bread is basically an excuse to eat pound cake. It’s dense and rich, but has a whole lot of sweet potato in it, so you don’t feel as bad about eating half a loaf. Much like banana bread, this recipe relies on a nice slow cooking time which results in a sweet crust and a dense crumb. Dusted with powdered sugar or just straight-up, this is a keeper.

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Recipe 42: Homemade Salad Dressing & Marinade

I found this recipe when I was too lazy to go to the store to get a dressing for a Chinese Chicken salad idea I was craving.

Free of any preservatives and chemical additives, this dressing also doubles as a killer marinade for chicken. Add the ingredients to a jam jar, cap it, and shake it up before use and you’ll never go back. :)

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Recipe 41: Gingerbread Cookies

After a week of pawning off last Sunday’s caramels, I was ready for something a little less sweet. The weather is chilling down nicely, so “spiced” everything is sounding good. Gingerbread always reminds me of my grandma Patty’s around Christmastime. Listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” while eating dinner as grandpa’s electric ice cream maker churned the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had (to this day).

This is a “rainy day” kind of cookie. Sure to warm you up when paired with a nice hot cider or coffee. A spiced treat to share.

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Update: Recipe 40 is on its way~

Hi all, sorry for the delay. The first batch of caramel that I made last night was heated a few degrees too hot and turned into a brick. So I switched recipes and tried again with great success. I need to incorporate more into the post and edit photos. Should be finished tonight, so expect it!