Recipe 30: Irish Chowder

Creamy and flavorful, this chowder is perfect when it's raining outside!

Right off the bat, I need to make a disclaimer for this recipe. It’s VERY good, but not too healthy. Normally, I wouldn’t start a recipe off like this, but the copious amount of cream I put in there is just ungodly. So, if you want a healthier version, skip the cream and go with the milk. It’s still tasty and a LOT less fattening.

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Recipe 29: Indian Butter Chicken

Aaaaaaaand we’re back!

Hey all, thanks for the patience! Final exams are over and I can’t begin to express how much better my life is now! Woohoo!

Anywho, it’s time to come back with something truly yummy to (partially) make-up for my absence!

I’ve been trying to get this recipe right for a while now, as it’s one of my favorite Indian dishes.

Butter chicken is essentially small cubes of chicken breast simmered in a tomato/cream-based sauce. It’s heavenly with the scents of ginger and cinnamon, and though it traditionally is one of the milder Indian recipes I’ve tried, it can accommodate a healthy level of spicing up if that’s your style.

I hope you enjoy it!

Butter Chicken!

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(Pre-finals countdown…)

March 17th, 2011 is a day that will live in infamy. Guess who’s going to have her BS in Pharmacological Chemistry??

So, in the meantime, I’ll be studying my brains out. I thank everyone in advance for your patience. Once I’m done, an explosion of recipes and new features are coming including new videos.

I’m moments before the finish line, cross your fingers and toes for me!

Until then!