Drink List: Homemade Blood Orange & Pomegranate Sangria

I love sangria. Whether it’s the aromatic and sweet taste or the fact that I like to feel like I’m drinking an exotic beverage, I love sangria.The premise is simple enough: oranges and various fruit are soaked in a sweet red wine overnight to produce a taste alternative to the typical table wine.

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New Video!-How to Make Hand Roll Sushi

Hi all, here’s the latest video. Some techniques require more visual, such as sushi making. It’s really easy to make hand rolls, in fact they’re my go-to if I’m really tired and still want my sushi roll.

I hope you like it.

**Update: because I used a licensed song in the video, you’ll have to watch it on youtube after all. Sorry for any inconvenience!**




P.S. As always, you can find this and other videos on the Techniques page.

Coming soon!! Sushi videos and upcoming recipe posts…

Hi all, since I know I’m not the only “visual learner”,  I am working on videos for how to roll sushi, both hand rolls (cone-shaped sushi), and regular “roll & slice” varieties. I’ll have them up as Youtube videos on my “Techniques” page within the next few days!

Also, I made Char Siu Bao (steamed BBQ pork buns) over the weekend and still have to write that up, as well as an article on a bunch of different types of wraps you can make for lunches throughout the week that are healthy & really tasty.


Recipe 28: Homemade “Pop Tarts”

Now we’re cooking! For those who have never seen/tasted a pop tart, they are essentially a miniature pie that has been flattened and shaped into a rectangle that fits perfectly in a toaster. They typically come par-cooked in packages of two “tarts” and they are one of my childhood guilty pleasures. Why not make them at home?!

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