Fail #2: Pecos River Bowl of Red

I stumbled upon an amazing cookbook that I think I’ll cook through. It’s called “Chili Madness” by Jane Butel and it’s all about how that bowl of  fire came to be.

Excited, I happily picked out the first recipe and started preparing ingredients..Sure, it did seem to call for a lot of ground chili, but I know I’m a seasoned spicy person. I could handle any amount of heat, right?…….right?

Yeah. This is a FAIL.


FAIL #2: Pecos River Bowl of Red


Chile, chili, and more chillies that I could ever imagine. That, and I even added some beans to try to even it out. Shredded pork seemed promising, and all was well. That is, until after 4 hours of cooking in a crock pot, one mere chip-full of chili sent me running the 2 feet to the fridge for a glass of milk. (water doesn’t work, I tried it).

Thinking that milk would help the chili too, I put about a cup in, trying to dilute the heat. That didn’t do anything but turn the pot a bit lighter.

Then, I tried to over-cook it a bit and hopefully break down some of the compounds responsible for this spiciness. Yeah, if you think to how many dishes call for intense temperatures and still can be spicy, that proves my logic wrong. So, with much sadness, the chili joined the rest of the failed experiments.

Lesson learned: Don’t over-spice. It’s hard to ever recover your dish unless you dilute it with more of the ingredients.

I still have heartburn from that. Ugh.

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