Recipe 5: Brussels Sprouts

I can't relate over the computer how good these things are. *pelvic thrust*

If there is ever a food that has a bad rep, it’s the Brussels sprout. I was fortunate enough to never be exposed to them growing up, and such, I was not aware of the bland possibilities that so many sprouts had amounted to.

Then, one night I was enjoying dinner with some long-time friends (Kristin, John, and Patty) and Kristin showed me a method to cooking these sprouts that made me a changed woman. I’ve been hooked since, and have converted many haters along the way.

So, if you’re down for a quick, healthy, and knee-weakening snack, enjoy.

Recipe 5: Brussels Sprouts

Courtesy of Kristin Balogh.


  • Brussels spouts, halved vertically along the stem, and soak in cool water (5 minutes)
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt


The first thing you want to do is get your sprouts and halve them. Put these halves into cool water to hydrate a little. Pull off any “floppy” leaves that aren’t intact. Once you see how many you have to fit, get your largest skillet and put a some olive oil in it (enough to barely coat the bottom). Turn on the heat to medium-high and add the sprouts cut-side down when the oil starts to shimmer. Be careful, the water on the sprouts could cause the oil to pop upwards. Take the lid to your skillet and flip it over (so it’s like a wide bowl) and put a small amount of tap water in it. When the sprouts start to get golden on the underside, flip the lid over the skillet, dumping the water into the hot oil and quickly cover it with the lid. Let the steam work its magic on softening the sprouts, and check the underside of them when the boiling dies down. You want them almost a dark brown but not black. Remove them from the pan, set into a bowl and grind a little sea salt on top.

Enjoy, but be careful, they’re hot!

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