Greenhorn Gourmet is a website dedicated to people who like tasty food but not the harmful additives that often accompany processed treats.

Greenhorn is a term given to someone who is “new or inexperienced”, which I most definitely am when it comes to the culinary world.

I’m Holli Mayer. I have background in Pharm. Chem, (this allows me to nerd-out with the recipes), and I love deconstructing processed foods and rebuilding them as easy and healthy(-er) versions.

I am the oldest of a wild pack of siblings, and I am fortunate enough to have all the support and honest criticism I could ever need.

So what of this “cooking” business?

I’d have to say that it started out of a means to an end. I had no money when I got my first apartment alone. No money, and a desire to eat well. So, this meant that I would need to start cooking for myself, at least more than I had been used to. Cooking quickly turned into an avenue for artistic expression.

You are what you eat, right?

This blog is to keep a running archive of my recipes, with twists to make them easier, and additions to make them more interesting. Ever want to re-create those yummy snacks from your childhood? You came to the right place. Occasionally I have some self-written recipes, but the bulk of this site is dedicated to reworked processed foods/snacks.

I want to give y’all a reason to get in the kitchen and work through a new recipe. I can’t explain the rush I get when I learn a new skill, but I want to share that feeling.

I currently reside in Vallejo, CA and work at an awesome biotech when I’m not cooking. I live with my awesome yogi roommate and 3 hilarious cats.I shoot my photos with a Canon Rebel T1i

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Holli!! Your website is very authentic and creative and definitely user friendly! I seeeeeee the Holli Ireland show on the food network coming soon lol!! :) Kepp it up girlfriend you are fabulous!! I am going to be trying the Kung Pao chicken this weekend and let you know how it turns out. I’m sure it will be very tasty! Btw, this is Adrienne from Colin’s job :)

    1. Thanks Adrienne!!! I’m so glad you like it, I hope that your chicken goes well!!! Have a happy new year and a great weekend!! :D

  2. Hey Holli! wow, some really interesting recipes you got here! Lovin it..especially the little step by step pics, but I have a request – can you pls put up a video demo for the California Roll? I have never tried rolling and would love to watch and learn.

    Trying your lumpia samosas tonight..with some lamb filling. Will let you know how that turned out!


    1. Thanks!! Next time I make sushi I’ll definitely put up a vid or .gif of how to roll them (which may be in the next few days).

      The lamb filling sounds in-cre-dible. I’ve been in a vegetarian kick lately, and the thought of a nice aromatic lamb samosa makes my mouth water… :D
      Good luck, and let me know how they turned out!!!

  3. On the homemade butter recipe, if I add honey, when do I do it? Just fold it in when kneading, or what? Made bread to go with the butter from the other night and the kids loved it. Pandoras Box I suppose I opened. Trying to incorporate some of your recipes into a low carb diet for myself. Diabetic numbers were 322 (A1C) two months ago, now they are 114 average. Kicken it’s butt, but I can only do the chicken so much. Lost 55 pounds toooooooooooooooooooo!

    1. Hi!
      Okay, so you’re spot-on when it comes to adding honey. Incorporate it after you have gathered out all of the butter from the liquid “buttermilk”. Once you’ve got a nice knead to it, add your honey. It’s easier to add it when the butter starts to warm up a little while you knead it.
      Awesome on the bread making. I’m still trying to master that one… Best of luck with cooking, and keep on kicking butt!!

      1. Still kickin butt. Thanks!. Like the new Tosdada Bowl recipe. Most of that I can eat. So you run. So does my 19 year old son. 1st marathon in Columbus Oh in October. I work at a place called the Chef’s Garden in Huron Ohio. They deal with a lot of famous chef’s. We always try to grow the veggies pure, clean, and right.
        Oh…your photos make me hungry. Very effective.
        Peace to you!

      2. I’m so glad you like the recipe! A lot of the newer ones are going to have a bit more “healthy” content as I’m in training as well. And for your son, a marathon already? *WOW!!!* I’m still trying to get the courage to attempt my first one and I’m running a half in July. How exciting for him and what a promising running future!!
        As for the restaurant, that sounds like a lot of the restaurants we love in SD and the bay here in CA. The “farm-to-table” movement has always fascinated me and I can’t wait to have a garden of my own to harvest from. My parents have an amazing container garden and my grandparents have half of their backyard dedicated to edibles.

        Thanks for reading, and peace to you as well!

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